What Do Different VW Service Options Mean?

Added: 02 November 2017

Making sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition is an essential part of car ownership. If your car isn’t healthy underneath the bonnet, you could face hefty costs in the long-run. So to keep you on the road and running smoothly, here’s our breakdown of the VW service options you can get. 

Car Servicing

Fixed-Price Service Plan

Signing up to a service plan means you can reduce you costs by bypassing inflation prices and making sure you’re covered no matter what work you may suddenly need. With our Arthur Prince fixed-price service plan, you are guaranteed to see one of our expert technicians who will use their specialist skills and tools to ensure your VW is driving delightfully!

Why Get a Regular Service

It’s essential to make sure you get a regular car service to keep your VW in prestige condition. By getting a service, you ensure your vehicle maintains reliability and efficiency, which prevents higher repair costs in the future. You should be getting a service every 10,000 miles or every 12 months, otherwise without a good service history or stamp, your VW price could be effected when sold.

New Car Servicing

At Arthur Prince, we offer manufacturer approved repairs on all cars, new and old. For those shiny, new VW cars, a fixed-price service plan can cover you when your vehicle is under 90 days old. This means that with a one-off payment, your servicing needs are covered for 3 years, or your first 30,000 miles!

Used Car Servicing

Whether you’re car is due for a service or you’re considering buying a used VW car, a used-car servicing option will cover vehicle over 90 days old and under 10 years old. Under this plan, you will be covered for 2 years or 20,000, and to make your life a little bit easier, we will even give you a free MOT test, where we have manufacturer approved repairs!

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